Can nasal surgery help to correct the rest of facial components

Can nasal surgery help to correct the rest of facial components?

Sometimes, we can see expected changes in the rest of face after nose surgery. For example, if a nose with broad bones is well narrowed by a skilled surgeon in the right place, usually the cheeks become more prominent and the eyes look larger. However, if the narrowing does not occur at the correct location, it can adversely affect the facial form. In some cases, by heading off the nose, very positive impacts can be created in the patient’s lips form. Sometimes, through properly correcting the nose, the form of laughing and viewing the gums while laughing can be corrected. However, usually if there is a strongly negative factor in the rest of the face, even the best nose surgery cannot bring an extraordinary beauty for the person.

One of the most effective surgeries, unfortunately little known by the public, is chin surgery that is done in most cases easily with local anesthesia, which is less troublesome for patients than the nasal operation. But, it is sometimes far more effective than nose surgery, since the backward chin makes nose come forward to be seen too much snub. The problems considered by a person with his nose can be much more corrected with chin surgery rather than nose surgery. In ordinary and not-so-small chins, through enlarging the chin, a more beautiful nose surgery can be sometimes offered to the patients.



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