dangers of anesthesia

Explain the dangers of anesthesia. Should the patient be anesthetized?

Is it true as the media say that rhinoplasty surgery is life-threatening?

Rhinoplasty can be done with two anesthesia methods:

  1. General anesthesia or complete anesthesia
  2.  Local anesthesia with the use of sedatives (The so-called semi anesthesia or sedation)

Both of these methods are safe, especially in young people, and certainly, the anesthesia risk in people who undergo cosmetic surgeries (who are generally healthy individuals) is much lower than those who undergo surgeries due to certain illnesses or emergency cases. Although individual sensitivities to anesthesia occur very rare, but, the risks of anesthesia in both methods (full anesthesia and semi-anesthesia) are usually due to human factors, and with adequate accuracy and attention to the patient, anesthesia usually does not cause any danger. Perhaps anesthesia risks in the worst cases would not more than other risks threatening people in everyday life (e.g., urban and inter-urban travels, etc.).

Depending on the conditions, surgeons and anesthetists suggest the types of general anesthesia or semi- anesthesia methods. However, the patient opinion is also important in choosing the type of anesthesia.

Unfortunately, due to the tragic, exciting and fascinating nature of news on anesthesia events in cosmetic surgeries, the media cause anxious in patients referring for cosmetic surgeries by release of such rare news so that many people think that cosmetic surgeries, especially nasal surgery, are life-threatening, while these risks are very rare and unrelated to the surgery. They are mostly related to anesthetic agents, and such incidents are far more prevalent in other kinds of operations done in sick people. But, the release of these news in other surgeries has no attractive nature and the media not publish them, though the percentage of these incidents even in other surgical procedures is also very low.



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