improvement processes of surgery

September 27, 2016

?What are the improvement processes of surgery, and when the nose acquires its original form

In case of using tampons, the tampons are usually removed after 1 to 4 days. Normally, the nasal plaster cast is removed after one to two weeks, and usually, taping would not be required 2 to 5 weeks after. The film or mold set intranasal by the surgeon will be removed 1-4 weeks later. The nasal swelling is relatively high in the first 2 weeks. Usually after removing the tampons, the nostrils appear widened and dissimilar, and the nose may look so much upward.

These issues will be resolved 1 to 3 months after the surgery. The majority of nasal swelling will subside after 3-6 months; but depending on the fleshy or bony nature of the nose, using the open or closed nose surgery techniques, and difficulty of simplicity of the nose surgery, variable levels of swelling may occur even up to 2 years after the surgery. However, the nose usually acquires its acceptable form after 1-3 months after the surgery, although its improvement process may last longer. The swelling and bruising around the eyes depend on several factors, including the surgeon technique, partly conditions and the type of anesthesia, the patient’s bones texture and the required manipulation in them, the color and texture of the skin around the eyes in terms of softness, the patient’s care measures after the surgery, the use of ice packs and attention of recommendations of the first 2-3 days that were mentioned earlier. In general, if the surgeon uses a proper technique, the swelling around the eye would be very low, and the bruising will be low, if there is any. However, the slight bruising, if occurs any, would not be visible after a week, and usually should be fully resolved after 2-4 weeks. Typically, the nasal obstruction is removed 1-3 weeks after the surgery. However, in case of using intranasal splint or film, nasal congestion would partially last until their removal. The very subtle obstruction of nose is not abnormal up to 2-3 months, but afterwards continual must be notified to the surgeon.


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