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The function of the nostrils is to inhale and exhale. The main function of the human nose is to let out the breathed air. It also carries out the necessary conditioning of inhaled air by warming and moistening it before entering the respiratory tract and it also partially filters out large particles and prevents them from entering the lungs.

The human nose is connected to the open air on one side and the throat on the other. The nose has a hollow cavity that is divided into two equal parts by a wall called the nasal septum. For a more complete explanation, you can refer to the article on the human nose.

Some people undergo rhinoplasty surgery, or nose job, to treat respiratory problems, nasal polyps, fractures of the nasal septum, and so on, while others undergo the procedure for facial beauty.

Choosing a good surgeon for nose job

One of the most important things that every patient definitely pays attention to is choosing the best rhinosurgeon in the city of their residence or the country in which they live. As a result, research is needed to select the best rhinosurgeon. As mentioned in the description of nose job, the human nose is connected to the open air on one end and to the throat on the other end, so it can be concluded that a good rhinosurgeon should have expertise in ear, nose and throat surgery prior to proficiency in cosmetic surgery so that they have enough specialized information about the nose in full detail. Of course, many general surgeons also perform rhinoplasty surgery.

Another important factor in finding a good rhinosurgeon is looking at the rhinoplasty portfolio performed by the doctor. The other important point is that the patient should be familiar with the steps of rhinoplasty in order to undergo nose job with a complete understanding of the procedures involved.

After the above steps, there is a face-to-face consultation with the surgeon, in which they provide appropriate suggestions and solutions by carefully examining the patient’s nose, and the patient must listen to the recommendations of their surgeon and follow them accurately.

Cost of a nose job

Many factors are involved in determining the cost of a nose job. The most important factor is what kind of nose the patient has and what their nose problem is? For more information on what type of nose you have, you may refer to the types of noses – Dr. Sami to find out what kind of nose you have with Dr. Sami’s explanations.

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