rhinoplasty surgery with laser

September 27, 2016

Is rhinoplasty surgery done with projected laser as well?

Simply put, laser is a strong light beam, which can vaporize tissues by generating heat, and almost acts like a scalpel, while it burns the veins and causes less bleeding.

Its work can be analogized to a soldering iron. In any case, there is no report around the world on performing rhinoplasty by using laser. In other words, rhinoplasty has performed nowhere in the world by using laser, and it is not basically possible; even if done, there would be no benefit in it. It is unclear that why such a rumor on performing rhinoplasty with laser by some nose surgeons has been widespread. The reason may be due to less bruising and swelling caused by the surgeon or the type of plastic mold that is sometimes used instead of plaster cast. However, we should know that laser has no place in doing rhinoplasty.



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