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A thick-skinned nose is generally called a fleshy nose. In principle, fleshy nose surgery is more complicated than bony nose surgery. The best fleshy nose surgeon – DR.Sami In some cases, a fleshy nose operation can be easier than a bony nose operation. For this purpose, it is necessary to understand what is the problem…

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The function of the nostrils is to inhale and exhale. The main function of the human nose is to let out the breathed air. It also carries out the necessary conditioning of inhaled air by warming and moistening it before entering the respiratory tract and it also partially filters out large particles and prevents them…

Types of noses

September 8, 2020

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Breathing problems

October 1, 2016

Breathing problems video and treatment

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DR.sami TV program about rhinoplasty procedures methods

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Cleaning your nose after Rhinoplasty and learn how wash nose after suegery.

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